Sound & Lighting


Whether for a wedding, gala dinner or other event, we always apply the same professionalism and we use sound equipment on the cutting edge of technology, high performance and recognized manufacturing

light furniture

Create A Lounge place ...

Create a cozy atmosphere at your reception.

Arrange your way different light furniture both indoors and outdoors.

Video projection

Share Your Memories On Big Screen ...

Post your pictures and videos on a screen with an HD video projector during your evening.

lycra sails

A Design Touch ...

Bring a modern touch to your reception venue with taut sails illuminated.

Bright Garlands

Bring A Bucolic Touch ...

Installation of garlands brings a vintage touch to your reception venue and delight your guests.

Smoke machine

A Visual Impressive Effect ...

Ideal for your events, CO2 projection brings freshness and detonated atmosphere during the evening.

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