Macaroons And wedding cakes

The wedding cake: essential

Your wedding cake is like the exclamation point on the reception and it should be a total reflection of your style and taste. Your wedding cake should be a reflection of who you are as a couple and what the theme of your wedding is meant to be.

The wedding cake is the new tendency of marriage cakes coming straight from the United States. So for a unique twist, try a white or coloured multi-shaped wedding cake for visual appeal and an eclectic touch . However,some are reluctant to serve, considering it a too heavy cake. Think again, a wedding cake made by a good pastry chef can be very light. With an elegant and original design, it offers many possibilities for customization to the theme of your union: flowers, ribbons, ornaments... just leave free course to your imagination.

When the macaroons are invited to your marriage!

Macarons not only look amazing, but they taste delicious, too. so for those who like the macaroons and who want to give a small “fashion” side to their marriage… Boudinar Wedding Planner offers you tailored compositions made to suit your tastes.

The light macaroon is a small pastry made to be enjoyed in several tastes and different amusing colours .

This moist and flavorful cake is likely to please all your guests without exception. Ideal for family events such as marriages, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays etc.

For the sweet tooth, don't miss the wedding cake and the macaroons.

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