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A personalized and customized decoration that will surprise your loved ones and let in their minds a magical memory. Tell us about your wishes and expectations and we will prepare the refined, customised wedding you long for...

Your decor is a reflection of your personalities.It is thought, conceived and crafted according to your taste and desires .For these reasons decoration should not be overlooked because it can create an ambience to your wedding event which will enhance the beauty of the ceremony, showcase the bride and groom, and promote the romance of the occasion.Many couples now want to create a theme for their wedding, which can only be properly executed with the use of the perfect decorations. We have experience and expertise in all aspects of wedding planning and would be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. We would be delighted to assist you in achieving your perfect wedding day.

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Floral Decoration

Boudinar Wedding Planner makes you enjoy his passion for flowers by offering you beautiful floral compositions for your venues. We will design the floral components in consideration with the tabletop and surrounding décor or prop elements that will set the tone for your event.


We can add the lighting design to the floral decoration to ensure a synchronized mood is created for all floral components and that they receive the proper enhancements to maximize their impact. A bright room decoration will transform your venue into a magical place in indirect lighting, the lighting helps your invitees to evolve into a warm and cozy atmosphere. Simply wonderful, a decoration adapted to dress up your wedding halls...

Decoration of the ceilings

Discover original ceilingdecorations .Caution you may stay scotchées to the... ceiling!

Aisle carpet

Carpets will also be a way to bring prestige to your reception.

Decoration of tablecloths & napkins

It is always valuable to arrive on a beautiful sweetheart table , well decorated, with a full effect towel folding. You will be surprised to see your guests have fun redoing the foldings themselves during the evening, and dare not even deploy it, for fear of damaging it!

Table centerpieces

We know how important it is to create the perfect wedding table decorations for your wedding style. Our wedding table decorations will give your wedding styling the WOW factor. Our choices are endless, and the only limitation is your imagination. When planning your wedding reception, let the table centerpieces speak for you, and choose a design that reflects both of your personalities.

Decorative candles

The candles will be your best allies in your wedding ceremony. Decorative candles warm atmospheres and participate in the illumination of your wedding.They add romance and intimacy

Covers & chairs ties.

Covers & Chair ties are a paramount wedding decoration, well choosen,they are a big step towards a successful decoration...

Pearls, petals, feathers and crystals

Opt for these little details for your wedding decoration. They bring lots of elegance and refinement to your decoration. Available in many colors to perfectly suit the theme of your wedding...

Interior decoration

Boudinar Wedding Planner accompany you for your interior decoration,makeover, Coaching projects. Deco Council, layout and space optimization to bring a new design to your House, apartment, store, restaurant, hotel, professional local...

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